Premium Medical Apparel Brand, HED+


HED+ is committed to providing quality clothing and services without causing harm to the environment through eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Certified organic by the global organic textiles Control Union, we use all organic or recycled (PET) thread. Using antibacterial, antimicrobial technology developed by the Swiss company, HEIQ, our products were verified by the Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute through rigorous testing.

Socially Responsible

At HED+, we know it's more than just a uniform. Our focus is to re-examine the role of individuals both socially and environmentally to redefine the values that make up humanity.


HED+ believes that what you wear affects how you feel and ultimately, how you perform. We design all of our apparel with the utmost care so that you look great, feel great and perform at your best no matter what your day throws at you. And we know some days, it’s a lot. 

and Thinking of the Next Generation



Eco-friendly hospital uniform

The vast majority of hospital clothing fabric is made by mixing cotton with synthetic fibers. After producing these fibers, they go through various chemical processes and machine washing to make them whiter before you wear them.

Using needlework that is good for the planet, HED+ is the first medical apparel brand to develop sustainable, eco-friendly clothing for modern professionals that is comfortable, healthy, and stylish.

People will embrace your hospital for taking the lead in being environmentally responsible by using HED+.




HED+ eco-friendly medical apparel has a longer life span with about twice as much durability as the average hospital clothing sold on the market. Due to the greater thickness of the fabric and superior stitching it will save you from having to replace them and are far more cost-efficient in the long term.

All of our clothing is made specifically for the comfort and health of medical professionals. No chemicals that can harm the human body are used during the manufacturing process. The materials we use are both absorbent and are well-ventilated to leave you feeling fresh throughout your day.

All HED+ apparel is meticulously designed with what’s best for humans and the earth in mind.